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  • Division 293 tax – will you be caught?

  • The fine line between property development and “merely realising an asset”

  • The CGT main residence exemption concessions are very useful 

  • The secret life of TFNs

  • Can I add to my super pension?

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  • Making your super last in retirement

  • Personal services income explained

  • What’s not considered “income” by the ATO?

  • Don’t lose your super to scammers

  • On-boarding new employees

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  • Selling your home? Beware of a partial CGT liability!

  • Take care with contribution timing this financial year 

  • Rental properties: Traps and pitfalls 

  • Succession planning for family businesses 

  • How myGov can help you track your super

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  • Stage 3 tax cuts – an opportunity for permanent tax savings

  • Capital gains tax concessions for small business owners

  • Making extra super contributions

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  • Who can I nominate as my super beneficiary?

  • Who is a resident for tax purposes?

  • Introducing the energy incentive.

  • Qualifying as an interdependent or financial dependant.

  • How to nominate a superannuation beneficiary.

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  • Self education: when is it deductible?

  • Registering a trademark for your new business

  • Avoid schemes targeting SMSFs

  • Discounting your capital gain

  • Appointing a SMSF auditor

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  • Super guarantee increases to 11%

  • Fair Work Changes 

  • Small business lodgement amnesty

  • Work-related car expenses updated 2023/24

Australian Parliament House
  • The end of temporary full expensing

  • Crackdown on unpaid tax and superannuation

  • No change to stage 3 tax cuts

  • Extra 15% tax on super ‘earnings’ for account balances above $3 million

  • Pay day superannuation guarantee

Image by Art Rachen
  • Proposed 15% super tax

  • FBT exemption for electric vehicles

  • Reducing the risk of crypto scams.

  • Fending off GST audits.

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  • Instant asset write-off 

  • CGT and foreign residents 

  • The training and energy efficiency boosts

  • ATO discretion to offset old tax debts 

  • Refund frauds and BAS refunds

  • Student loans repayments 

  • Super to be paid on paid parental leave

  • Social security deeming rates

  • Commonwealth Rent Assistance

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  • Six super strategies to consider before 30 June

  • Important tax residency issues to consider

  • Family companies and the many tax traps

  • Selling your home to a developer?

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  • Compensation - is it taxable? 

  • Tax issues when dealing with volunteers

  • Collectibles and inherited jewellery

  • Using super to pay the mortgage

  • Returning to work after retirement

Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 10.07.46.png
  • How to reduce your income tax bill using superannuation.

  • Change to unfair contact terms laws.

  • Property developers - a recent Federal court decision.

  • Small business skills and training boost

  • CGT small business roll over concession

  • Are you eligible to make personal deductible contribution?

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  • FBT and employee gifts

  • Research and development

  • Super withdrawal options

  • SMSFs and higher interest rates

  • Trusts – are they still worth it?

  • Unexpected, first-time, tax debts

Filling Out Tax Form
  • Tax time focus areas

  • Super pensions and seniors health card

  • Instant asset write off from July 2023

  • Maximising cash flow

  • Upcoming federal budget

  • Temporary full expensing

  • New reporting requirements for SMSFs

  • Bringing forward super deductions

Computer Class
  • New work from home record keeping requirements

  • FBT and car logbooks

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